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Meet Boundery

We brighten lives.
One innovative product at a time.

We’re a California-based team of inventors, innovators, story tellers & logistics wizards… Bent on getting our very best products in your home - at prices that will make you beam.

Our Mission

Our goal when we created Boundery was the same as it is today:
To shine a spotlight on the world’s most innovative (and affordable!) lifestyle products.
So we can save you heaps of money and give your life the gorgeous glow it deserves.

Built For Life

We test every single product we carry. Anything that doesn’t exceed our standards  (or delight you) hits the trash bin.

How We Do It

Boundery is a one-stop-shop that makes it easy for you to discover the latest gadgets at wow-worthy prices.
From our shopping cart to your front door, we make the entire process seamless.

Glowing Customer Reviews

Boundery loves to put the spotlight where it belongs. Not on the brilliant folks we have working hard behind the scenes…
But on YOUR stories and the unique ways our products are brightening lives across the globe.

What Customers Are Saying About EBULB

"Awesome product"

I bought 8 of these a few months ago so they were charged and ready to go. I put them in all my lamps and fixtures. Last night during a storm the power went out and the lights we were using stayed lit. It was amazing. I could still read, cook and go to the bathroom without having to carry around a flashlight, plus the front porch light stayed on. Im getting ready to buy 4 more. I love them!

— Susan

What Customers Are Saying About Glo Motion LED Light Bar

"One look and I was hooked"

These LED lights install in 60 seconds. Instant. Kitchen. Makeover. I installed the Motion Glo LED Light Bar in my closets, liquor cabinet, & workshop for a fraction of the price of an electrician!

— Janet
"That's what I call cool!"

A wireless, motion-activated, energy efficient light that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg? That's what I call cool!

— Jayden



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