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Product FAQ's

Each EFX LED Light has 10 bright L.E.D. lights in each disc.

Each EFX L.E.D. Light is powered by 3 AAA batteries. We recommend using only new alkaline or lithium AAA batteries with a 1.5V rating for light units (do not mix old and new batteries).

Unscrew the battery back plate from light to expose the battery compartment. Insert 3 new AAA batteries. Screw battery back plate on light and make sure the rubber seal is firmly sealed Remove the protective plastic tab from the battery compartment on IR remote control. Press "ON" using the remote while pointing directly at black IR sensor on the face of the light unit to ensure operation. IR control distance is within 30 ft. (9m.) in an open area. The remote must be aimed at the top of the light unit (directly at the L.E.D.s)..

One remote can control multiple lights. Each 4 pack of EFX L.E.D. Lights will come with a single remote a single EFX L.E.D. Light will come with a single remote

Yes! We recommend leaving the EFX L.E.D. Lights submerged for no more than 4-6 hours Do not expose the IR remote to direct or indirect moisture

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