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Haylo Emergency Power LED Light Bulb

Product FAQ's

If the lights are on and the power goes out the lights will stay on automatically so if you have the lights off and the power goes out the lights will remain off but you can still turn them on normally

The Emergency L.E.D. Light can differentiate between an open(OFF) and closed(ON) circuit so as to only turn on when there is a power outage

Internal battery is charged during normal usage of bulb while in the lamp source. The Haylo Emergency L.E.D Lightbulb has a lifespan of over 25,000 hours and lasts 3-4 hours (when fully charged).

This lightbulb is cool to the touch and can even be powered by your hand so you can take it anywhere throughout your home. It also comes with an attachable hook so you can hang it anywhere you need to.

The Haylo Emergency L.E.D. Lightbulb is classified as cool white, which is between 3000K – 3500K (the “K” stands for “Kelvin”, which is the universal scale for measuring color temperature).



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