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Haylo® Big Block Utility Floodlight

Product FAQ's

This Floodlight has 24 5W COB LED Lights built into it

500 Lumen Output

10 ounces (with batteries installed)

The Haylo Floodlight has a lifespan of approximately 100,000 hours and can last 4 hours on the highest setting

It takes 3 AA batteries

The ultra-bright Big Block Floodlight lights up a distance of 30 ft in front of you

Not at all! The Haylo Floodlight is built with an airtight casing that keeps out water and dust

Nope, This durable Floodlight is made from PA Nylon and rubber to withstand almost any outdoor treatment

Not if you don’t want to. The Floodlight comes with an adjustable so you can have any kind of angled light that you need. It also doubles as a convenient carrying handle so you can take it anywhere



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