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If you don't already have safety flares in your car, then you're really taking a risk. The road is an unpredictable and dangerous place so you need to be prepared for every possible scenario while you're driving. 

Safety flares are a great way to ensure everyone's safety if something goes wrong. That being said, many people assume that there's only one type of safety flare out there and may be hesitant to use it because of its nature. 

The good news is that there are more effective types of safety flares out there that are definitely worth investing in. 

What Are Safety Flares?

Before we get into the different types of safety flares, it's a good idea to first go over what safety flares even are in the first place since many people don't really know. 

Sure, maybe you've heard the term before and know what they are used for generally speaking, but do you really know where they come from and how to use them? Probably not. 

As it turns out, flares have been used for signaling for centuries now! For example, flares have been used by militaries, boaters, hikers, drivers, and even on the railroad. 

As it relates to driving, safety flares are used to alert other drivers of a disabled vehicle or a potentially hazardous situation. 

It basically signals to people that they should be 'on alert' and approach with caution. This is why safety flares are commonly used by first responders and emergency services who respond to roadside calls as they act as an effective tool to help keep all those involved safe and away from harm. 

Why Use Safety Flares?

That being said, you definitely don't have to be a first responder to use safety flares. They can really come in handy for just your typical driver! After all, there are plenty of different circumstances that could leave you stranded on the side of a busy road -- which could easily turn into a dangerous situation. 

For example, your car could run out of gas, your tire could blow out, or you could have engine trouble. If you think that these situations really aren't that common and, therefore, aren't worth planning for, take a second to think about how many cars you see sitting on the side of the highway whenever you drive somewhere. 

Odds are that you really do see a lot. One day, that could easily be you and that's why you should really be prepared with safety flares. 

What is the Most Effective Type of Safety Flare?

A lot of people assume that there's only one type of safety flare out there and that they're all the same -- however, that's not the case. After all, it is 2020 and we have technology and innovation to make flares not only more effective, but also safer as well. 

When it comes to safety flares, there are two types: traditional and LED. Traditional safety flares are probably the ones that you're most familiar with as they have been used for years in all sorts of different situations. These traditional flares usually look like fire sticks that you physically have to light like a match before placing them along the road to alert oncoming traffic of you and your vehicle. And even though they do work, they also require skill and maintenance in order for them to really be effective. 

For example, you need to practice fire safety while lighting traditional safety flares so that you don't accidentally burn yourself or cause anything else to catch on fire along the roadway. They can also be difficult to dispose of properly based on the fact that they are a pyrotechnic device, after all. Finally, traditional flares do expire 42 months after their manufacture date so this is something that you need to be aware of and keep up with if you're going with this option. 

However, the good news is that you definitely don't have to go with the traditional pyrotechnic safety flare if you don't want to -- there are safer and easier options out there, like LED safety flares. These devices aren't really 'flares' at all but they still have the same effect! Instead of using fire, they use strong and powerful LED lights to alert oncoming traffic. Even though you may think that there's no way that simple lights can be as bright as an actual fire, that's not the case at all because LED lights definitely aren't 'simple lights.' 

For example, Boundery's Original Roadside LED Safety Flare is made up of 15 orange and white LED lights that are visible from up to 2,800 feet away at night and 1,000 feet during the day. Having visibility at long distances is essential to keep you safe along roadways with high speeds where cars can travel long distances in just seconds. Also, these flares are able to emit 360-degrees of equivalent light for a clear and visible signal. 

If you're concerned about durability -- don't be! These roadside flares are built to withstand tough conditions on the road and are totally crushproof, shatterproof, and waterproof. Even if someone runs over one of them, it will still work. Even if it's pouring down rain, it will still work! 

These flares also get bonus points for being magnetic so that you can easily stick them directly onto your vehicle to clearly mark your location along the road. There are nine different light modes available for you to choose from based on Morse Code that's approved by the U.S. Coast Guard. 

But these flares can be used for more than just safety -- they can also be used for practical reasons as well since there's a LED flashlight included in each one. This provides an easy way for you to check out what's going on beneath the hood of your car. 

All you have to do is stick the light on your hood and turn on the flashlight to get amazing visibility so that you can hopefully identify the problem and fix it quickly, or call for help if needed. Since they work for 50,000 hours, you really don't have to worry about them dying, expiring, or needing to replace them.

As you can see, LED safety flares are clearly the best way to go if you're trying to keep everyone as safe as possible. Boundery sells a six-pack of them for just $69.95, which is definitely a solid investment that is well worth it to guarantee your safety in potentially dangerous circumstances. 

How to Use Safety Flares?

Here's a quick guide on how to use safety flares and how to place them to be the most effective:

  • For speeds under 50 miles per hour, multiply the speed limit by four to get the distance at which you should place the first flare. 

  • For speeds over 50 miles per hour, multiply the speed limit by four and then add an extra 100 feet to get the distance at which you should place the first flare. 

  • Then, space out the flares evenly as you approach your car and also make sure to clearly signal your actual vehicle as well by sticking the LED flares onto the car. 

Final Thoughts on Safety Flares

As you can see, LED safety flares are definitely the best choice when it comes to ease of use as well as effectiveness. Plus, it makes a great gift for all the drivers that you care about and want to keep safe!






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