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Flashlights are known to be bright and provide tons of light, but sometimes you need more than the flashlight on your phone. When looking through time we can discover the brightest flashlight ever. What used to be the brightest flashlight is no longer comparable to even some of the most simple flashlights today. It is amazing what technology can do in a couple hundred years. In addition to the brightest flashlights available, there are also some helpful hints included on how to choose the best and brightest flashlight. Keep on reading to discover all about bright flashlights that you can bring on your next adventure. 

The Brightest Flashlight Ever

The brightest flashlight available is about 100,000 lumens. It does this by having 18 seperate compartments with lighting and combining them all for a lighting spectacle. Looking at this number may not seem like much, but if you keep in mind that a car's headlight is about 700 lumens. This means that this flashlight is over 140 times brighter than a car headlight. This monstrosity of a flashlight is probably way brighter than the average person will need. It is almost 7 hundred dollars and weighs over 4 pounds which can get extremely heavy over time. If you need to lighten up a large area of space such as for searching for a missing person or animal at night this flashlight may come in handy. Otherwise, there are few circumstances where a light this powerful will be of necessity. 

HD 2800 Deluxe Flashlight

The Haylo HD 2800 Deluxe Flashlight is the brightest flashlight offered by Boundery. The Haylo is a 1,000 lumen flashlight that is long lasting, durable, and of course super bright. It has 2 brightness levels and different zoom options so that you can customize the flashlight to your experience. Because this flashlight is so bright it is perfect for outdoor adventures like camping or night hiking. As an added bonus it is also weatherproof so you can take it out in any condition without worrying if it will be okay or not. Also, on a single charge it can last up to 6 hours with no diminished brightness so you can feel safe and not worry that your light will be going out any time soon. If you decide you need it for longer than the six hours you can easily change the batteries or recharge the entire flashlight for your next adventure. Overall, this flashlight is the mac daddy of flashlights and whether you are a novice or advanced adventurer you need a flashlight like this one that can take the heat. 

What Makes A Flashlight The Brightest?

You have heard about the history of the flashlight all the way to the brightest flashlight ever. But, what makes a flashlight the brightest and how do you know which flashlight you should choose? Duration, lumens, and zoom are all factors in how bright your flashlight will be. Knowing each of these about the flashlight you choose will be key in ensuring it is bright enough for the activity you will be doing. Below, is more detail about each brightness factor and how it affects the brightness of your flashlight. 


Duration is how long your flashlight will stay on and be bright for. With cheaper flashlights you may notice that the longer you use them the less bright they will appear. This is because as they use energy there is not enough in reserve to keep up with the demand of staying at the same brightness. If you are in a situation where you need constant visibility you should make sure that your light's brightness will not fade away. This is where it may be worth it to invest in a high quality flashlight that will not leave you stranded in the dark. In addition to fading, you will want to look at overall how long it will stay on for so that it does not cut out mid activity. 


Lumens or luminous flux is a measurement of light that shows exactly how much light is being perceived by your eyes. Another measurement of light is the candela, but lumens are most commonly used. The higher the lumens the more light is available and the brighter your flashlight will be. To get an idea of how much a lumen is, 1 candle on top of a birthday cake is approximately 1 lumen. The average flashlight you may pick up at the store is 100 lumens, so anything above that is better for more serious activities. You may remember that the HD 2800 deluxe flashlight was 1,000 lumens which is significantly brighter than your average flashlight and is the perfect choice for any in the dark activity. Lumens have to be one of the most important features when looking into flashlight brightness. 


If you have played with a flashlight before you are probably familiar with the zoom feature. Typically, as you turn the head of the flashlight the light will become either wider and cover a larger area, or more narrow and only cover a small area. As you make the area smaller you may notice that the light is more condensed and seems brighter because all of the light is concentrated in that one area. On the contrary, as you brighten up a larger space the light seems dimmer and your visibility is less. Depending on the zoom setting that you have your light may seem dimmer or brighter. If your light seems too dim try zooming in, but if it is not covering enough area try a different flashlight. 

The brightness of your flashlight is very important, if not the most important feature of any flashlight. What was once the brightest flashlight has since come a long way. When choosing the perfect bright flashlight for you make sure you look into the lumens, zoom, and duration. Keep all of things in mind to get the perfect flashlight to fit your needs. When in doubt opt for more light instead of light, as you never know when you might need it. 




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