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Solar motion lights are outdoor lights that are charged by the sun during the day and turn on automatically at night. Solar motion lights also have the added benefit of only turning on when they are activated by motion either by a person or a thing. Solar motion lights come in many different forms including stair lights, wall mounted, and even ones that stick in the dirt in your garden. Each form of the light can be utilized to fit your needs. Below are just some of the amazing benefits that solar motion lights can provide. 

Low Maintenance

Many outdoor lights have extensive maintenance required including changing light bulbs, batteries, flipping a switch daily, and cleaning out the dust and cobwebs. Solar motion lights are very low maintenance so that you can go about your days and months without a doubt in your mind that your lights will be turned on every night. The Only maintenance you have to do is periodically wipe off any dirt or water spots that may be covering the sensor or photovoltaic cell. This 5 minute action every other month will ensure that your motion sensing, solar light is working in tip top shape. 

One Time Cost

Another benefit of solar motion lights is that it is only a one time cost. There is no need to purchase light bulbs or batteries separately because the LED lights are integrated into the unit and of course the sun is free. People can spend up to 15 or 20 dollars with each battery change, so the savings is immense. With a one time purchase you are saving time and money on maintenance costs and it will last so much longer than other types of bulbs such as incandescents. 

Save Power

By harnessing the power of the sun you will be saving money on your power bill and reducing your energy consumption. Utilizing solar powered lights can be a great power saver compared to wired in outdoor lights that are contributing your energy usage. Because you are not outside all day long you may not notice just how long your outdoor lights are on and contributing to your power bill. By using solar powered lights you are eliminating that cost and going green in the process. These lights are a simple step to be more sustainable and maximize your savings. ?

Reduce Light Disturbance

Nothing is more annoying than having an outdoor light shining in your eyes through the window. With every swooshing leaf you swear you saw something. By only having light on outside when you actually need it, you can reduce the amount of light disturbance that occurs when you leave an outdoor light on outside at night. This is especially true for those that have the light right outside of their window while trying to sleep. Motion sensored lights will reduce unnecessary lights and help you get a better night's rest and peace of mind.


I am sure you are familiar with the large outdoor flood lights that act as a security system to deter people or animals from approaching your home. Motion outdoor lights can serve the same person by alarming you if or when motion is detected outside of your home. Not only will this warn the intruder to back away from your home because they have been spotted, but it will allow you adequate time to prepare to call for help or fend them off yourself. This is a simple addition to your security arsenal that can warn you if something is approaching. This can also be combined with a security camera so that when the light turns on the camera will have maximum visibility of the intruder.

Empty Home

One of the first things that people do when leaving their home at night is to turn the outdoor light on so it is not dark when they come home. While this is very beneficial for the homeowner, it is also beneficial for intruders. By leaving your light on you are inviting intruders into your home because they know no one is there to stop them. This simple breach in security could have major implications. By having a motion powered light you will not have to leave your light on when you leave and it will automatically turn on for you when you return. This is the best of both worlds for visibility and safety of your home and belongings. 

Easy Installation

Hard wiring lights and pendants is time consuming and can even need the help of a professional electrician. Not only is that expensive, it is also a large inconvenience. Solar powered motion lights have easy installation no matter what form you have. Installation is only a stick or a few screws away from lighting up the night. 

Solar LED Stair Light

The solar LED stair light is one of the easiest to install and comes with all of the hardware necessary, which is only 2 screws and anchors. Following the steps below will give you the simple steps to install on your stairs and you will be all set to brighten up your steps. 

  1. First choose the location that you would like to place the lights
  2. Trace the locations of the holes
  3. Hammer and screw in the anchors into the top ledge of the stair 
  4. Screw in the light into the anchors

Wall Mounted Solar Lights

The wall mounted solar lights have two installation options: double sided tape or screws. Using the double sided tape will be very easy to install with peel, stick, and forget. This is perfect if it is in a dry location and if you are not expecting to leave it in place forever. Weather could cause it to eventually fall off of the wall. The other option of screwing it into the wall may take a little more time initially, but is a much more secure way to install the light. To screw into the wall follow the same steps for the stair light, but instead secure it to the wall. No matter the method of installation the wall mounted light will perform the same. 

Prevent Falls

Having maximum visibility at night is important not only so you can see what is ahead, but for your safety. Having the necessary visibility can reduce falls and other fall related injuries. By having a light ready exactly when you need it you will always be ready to walk with confidence and without fear that you will trip on the unexpected squeaky toy that your dog forgot to clean up earlier. Because you will not have to remember to turn on a light before you leave or use the flashlight on your phone it just increases your safety and convenience. 

Weather Resistant

The last major benefit to these solar motion lights are that they are weather resistant for whatever comes their way. The lights are rated for weather such as rain, snow, and extreme heat. This increases their reliability and helps you to know that in the situations that are the most difficult to be in, the lights will stand up to the test. No matter what climate or area you live in, the solar lights will be ready for action.

Overall having solar motion lights have endless benefits to increase your quality of life. From security, easy installation, and low maintenance cost and energy these lights have proved their worth. They are great for your safety and wallet and are sure to make a positive impact on the way you live your life. Assess exactly what type of solar motion lights will best fit your needs and make sure that it is the perfect fit. 




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