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Whether you are getting ready for an important work meeting, chatting with some good friends, or having some much-needed family time, it is important to have the right lighting setup for your video calls. 

Video calls are not only about good audio, but also about good visuals. Being able to visually see the person on the other end of the call fosters a closer connection between the parties involved, promotes productive conversations, and allows each side to pick up on each other's social cues. Without the correct lighting, this may not be possible or leave a bad impression on the receiving end of the call. 

Since a lot of business is being conducted over video calls these days due to social distancing requirements brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, knowing how to conduct a productive video call is more important than ever. 

What Type of Light Bulbs Provide the Best Lighting for Video Calls?

The most common types of light bulbs are incandescent, compact fluorescent, and LED light bulbs. All of these light bulbs have their advantages whether it be cost, brightness, or efficiency. Light-emitting diodes or LED light bulbs offer a combination of cost, brightness, and energy-efficient benefits. All of this comes into consideration when choosing a light source for your video calls. 

LED light bulbs like Boundery's EBULB Emergency Power LED Light Bulb provides you with a bulb that emits as much light as a traditional 60-watt incandescent bulb while using just nine watts of energy. This can help you save both energy and money -- definitely something that's ideal these days. LED light bulbs last way longer than the cheaper incandescent and compact fluorescent bulbs, which in the long run will save you money. 

So instead of automatically going with the cheapest option at the store, instead think about light bulbs as an investment. Spending a little bit more money upfront for an LED bulb will end up saving you money in the long run when it comes to energy and replacement costs. 

What Webcam Lighting Placement Makes for the Best Visual Results?

The location of your lighting makes a huge difference in the presentation of your video call. With poor lighting placement, you could be casting unwanted shadows or provide dark or ultra-bright beams of light on your face. 

Unwired light bars such as Boundery's Motion Glo LED Light Bar are the perfect solution for providing light in any position. They are wireless, allowing you to move them anywhere that you need a little bit of extra lighting. Not only are they completely wireless, but they are also equipped with an adhesive strip with magnetic field mounts making them attachable to virtually any surface you could possibly imagine.

Does Wattage Make a Difference?

Wattage is the amount of energy a light bulb uses per hour. There is a common misconception that the higher the wattage, the brighter the light bulb will be. But nowadays with energy-efficient lights such as Boundery's EBULB Emergency Power LED Light Bulb, this is not always the case. 

The EBULB Emergency Power LED Light Bulb provides as much light as a traditional 60-watt incandescent bulb using just nine watts of energy. This produces a nice warm light source that is ideal for video calls.

Does Background Lighting Make for a Better Video Call?

Having the right background lighting can make a world of difference in your video calls. It is much better to have a beautiful well-lit room in the background of your video calls as opposed to a dark gloomy background. 

Picture yourself having an important video interview for a job you have been working towards. Now put yourself in the place of the interviewer who is seeing you for the first time. Having a well-lit background will provide a great first impression providing both a positive environment and literally shining a light on yourself. 

The perfect type of light for providing an aesthetically pleasing background is providing under lighting to bring a subtle yet comforting visual for your surroundings. 

One of the best lights to use is Boundery's Motion Glo LED Light Bar, as it provides plenty of energy-efficient lighting in hard to reach places. The light bars can be placed in places such as under counters, stairways, or even under baseboards creating a comforting glow effect. Not only will this provide a great visual for your day-to-day life, but it will also provide a great ambiance for all of your video calls.

What Type of Light is Ideal for Video Calls?

When you think of the best lighting for video calls you may automatically go to natural lighting. 

Although natural lighting does provide a great light source when it comes to things like videography and photography, it is not always the easiest to work with. If you are not able to have natural light due to uncontrollable factors such as poor weather, time of day, or the location of your video call, the next best thing would be to have a warm lighting source in the background of your call. 

Boundery's EBULB Emergency Power LED Light Bulb provides a 3,000 ' 3,500K Natural Warm/White tint that is perfect for creating the perfect lighting temperature and intensity for your video calls.

Other Tips for Making a Great Video Call

Having the right lighting is obviously a very important factor when making the best impression during video calls, but there are also other variables involved. 

Having clear and optimal volume during video calls is another important factor. No one likes to hear a muffled voice, loud background noise, or a quiet whisper when trying to communicate over video calls. Having a headset with a microphone attached helps to block out some of the background noise and provide a clear and adjustable volume. 

Another good tip is to mute yourself when you're not speaking as this can prevent disruptive noises such as an unexpected sneeze, keyboard typing, or even your pet barking in the background. Even things that may not seem loud to you, like you typing on your computer or your air conditioning unit kicking on right next to you could easily become distracting for others during a call. 

Also be sure you have a stable internet connection. Dropping the video call in the middle of an important conversation may leave you with missing information or even a missed opportunity to connect with the person on the other end of the call. Having a direct wired Ethernet connection can provide a more reliable connection and fewer unexpected WiFi outages.

Final Thoughts on Video Calls

Video calls are an important tool that we are able to use to stay in contact with others. It acts as a useful tool for us to either stay connected with loved ones or conduct business on a daily basis. 

It is not enough to just have this tool as an option but it is also very important to have the right lighting during these video calls. With these helpful tips and Boundery's amazing lighting products, you can optimize your lighting and have a great video call experience.





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