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Many responsibilities come with driving a car, such as ensuring safe driving and keeping up with maintenance. Another responsibility is having a roadside emergency car kit stored somewhere inside your vehicle. Whether you are traveling long distances or commuting to work, having an emergency car kit can dictate how fast you can get back on the road. 

There have been countless times where you have probably driven past a stopped car with their emergency lights on, stranded as they wait on roadside service. Depending on the area, you could potentially end up staying long hours by yourself on the side of the road. In these instances, having an emergency car kit handy would be beneficial not only for your time but also for your safety.

Your best roadside emergency car kit can be as simple or thorough as you want. Regardless of your preference, there are some essential, necessary supplies that every emergency car kit should have. 

Tire Changing Kit

One of the most common problems when it comes to car trouble is getting a flat tire. The more you use your tires over time, the more you wear down the treads on your tires. This leaves your tires to become more vulnerable to destruction from random debris along the road. Therefore, having a spare tire is hugely beneficial to have. 

It is crucial to have a spare tire; it is also crucial to know how to change that spare tire. You can use many resources to teach yourself the steps in changing a tire -- YouTube is especially helpful! Be sure to have not only the spare tire but a jack and lug wrench as well. Most vehicles come with these tools, but it's good to double-check you have them.

A Quick How-To:

Once you have found which tire needs replacing, start by loosening up the lug nuts while the vehicle is still on the ground -- only start to loosen these, don't remove them all the way just yet. Then, use the jack to lift the vehicle off the ground.

Now that the wheel is off the ground remove the already loosened lug nuts the rest of the way. Your tire is now ready to be removed and replaced with the spare tire. Screw on the lug nuts to your new tire, and return your vehicle and tire back onto the ground using the jack.

Jumper Cables

Another super common car trouble that many of us have run into at least once in our lifetime is a dead car battery. Many reasons can cause your car battery to drain, such as leaving your headlights on, corroded or loose connections, or just mere usage over time. The dreaded sound of starting your car only to hear those starter clicks is an indication that your car battery is dead. 

Having a pair of jumper cables as part of your emergency car kit is important. Just like with a spare tire, you must be knowledgeable on how to use jumper cables

Quick How-To:

First and foremost, you will need a source to jump from -- another good battery. Depending on whether you are in a parking lot or on the side of the road, this may be the most difficult part in jumping your car. 

Once you have found someone to borrow some juice from, position the cars so that the fronts of the vehicles are facing each other, with the hoods popped open. Then take out your jumper cables and first connect the negative on the bad to the negative on the good, followed by the red on the bad and the red on the good. 

Finally, you are ready to jump your car. Have the driver of the good battery start their car and let it run idle for a couple of minutes. Once you have waited a few minutes, start your car. Be patient as it may take a couple of tries. Once you get it started, leave your car running idle for a couple of minutes to give your battery some time to recharge. 

Making Your Vehicle More Visible

Car trouble seems to be unpredictable and usually occurs at the worst time. One of the least desirable times is during the night time as light becomes an issue. Not only is it more difficult to see what you are doing, it is also difficult for passing drivers to see where you are. Whether you park your car on the side of a busy road or in a neighborhood, it is always a good idea to make yourself known to the other cars near you.

A road flare is an everyday item that people use to draw attention to other drivers where their car is parked. This item is usually staked on the ground and lit to cause a bright flame along the perimeter of your car. As simple as this can be, it can also be a safety hazard, depending on the environment around you.

An alternative and affordable option is the Roadside LED Safety Flare by Boundery. This product is as simple and as safe as the name itself. With its magnetic backing and lightweight feature, the flare can be attached to any surface of your vehicle. It emits bright flashes in an array of 15 LED lights. The Roadside Safety Flare also has nine different lighting patterns that indicate different types of emergency scenarios. With all of its features, your car can be easily spotted and notified that help is needed. 

Additional Items

Three main items have been discussed when it comes to the most common car problems faced most often. As stated earlier, your emergency car kit can be as simple as the three or as extensive as you would like for it to be. Here are some additional essentials that you may want to add to your kit:

  • Extra car fluids such as coolant and oil
  • First aid kit
  • Additional light source, such as the Deluxe Flashlight by Boundery
  • Blanket
  • Work gloves
  • Mini toolset


Driving a car to get from place to place is a blessing in itself but can bring along some additional stress when you face a problem unprepared. Having an emergency car kit at hand helps protect the safety of yourself and your vehicle. What may seem to be a bad mishap, such as getting a flat tire or dead car, could be solved within minutes as long as you are prepared. As problems tend to occur early in the morning or in the evening during your commute, be sure to purchase a portable light source, such as Boundery's Mini Magnetic Worklight, to be able to work your magic and get back onto the road within minutes. 





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