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 In 2020, we are always looking for ways to make our lives easier with the help of smart devices. You're probably already familiar with smart cars, smartwatches, and smart thermostats ' but what about smart light bulbs? That's right ' even light bulbs can be smart thanks to state of the art technology that's constantly evolving! But what is a smart light bulb, anyway? After all, the idea of making a light bulb 'smart' is less straightforward than making a car or a watch 'smart.' Thankfully, we are here to tell you everything about smart light bulbs and why you need to incorporate them into your 21st century home!

What Are Smart Light Bulbs?

Smart light bulbs are powerful LED light bulbs that feature technology that allow them to be controlled either wirelessly or internally. Some smart light bulbs can be controlled through a remote control or even an app on your phone. Other smart light bulbs can be connected with platforms like Amazon Alexa or Google Home. That way, you can simply direct your voice assistant to turn off the lights before you go to bed! There are also some types of smart light bulbs that don't need you to tell them what to do ' they are so smart that they do it on their own! Clearly, LED smart light bulbs take the term 'smart' to the next level.

What Are the Features of Smart Light Bulbs?

Now that you know some of the basics surrounding smart light bulbs and what you can generally expect from them, it's time to get into some of the most intelligent features that you should look for in your LED smart light bulb:

  • With a Night2Day LED Light Bulb from Boundery, your light bulb can literally tell the difference between night and day! This bulb is meant to provide outdoor light. It turns on when the sun sets and turns off when the sun rises. That way, you don't have to remember to turn your outdoor lights on and off twice a day. This is an easy thing to forget and can either lead to wasting energy or fumbling around in the darkness outside your home.
  • With the EBULB Emergency Power LED Light Bulb from Boundery, your light bulb can automatically detect a power outage and switch to an internal battery to continue lighting your home even without electricity! This is a great way to ensure that you are prepared for power outages in a time when they are unfortunately becoming more and more frequent. This bulb features a battery life of up to six hours with no power and a lifespan of up to 25,000 hours. It's a great addition to any entryway, staircase, or bathroom where you would definitely need some extra light when the power goes out.
  • With a motion-detecting LED light, not only can you benefit from the convenience of this smart technology, but your power bill will benefit as well! Motion-detecting lights can detect heat signatures from humans or pets and turn themselves on. If the bulb doesn't detect a heat signature for about 30 seconds, it will turn itself back off. This is a great feature to have in bathrooms where lights commonly get left on and end up wasting a ton of energy. They are also great for a front porch or back patio as a safety feature! Not only can it light your way in the dark, but it can also alert you to potential intruders and help to scare them off.
  • With a colored LED smart bulb, you can remotely adjust the color of your light bulb! Many of these bulbs allow you to dim the brightness of the light or even adjust the temperature of the light. Light temperatures are important to your circadian rhythm and can affect your sleep schedule if you're exposed to too much blue light during evening hours. Furthermore, bulbs like the LUMN8 Smart RGB Bulb actually allow you to change your lightbulb to any color of the rainbow at the press of a button! You can choose from a wide range of colors like pink, purple, yellow, green, and blue. This is a great party trick that you can try out for parties or gatherings at your home.  

What Are the Benefits of Smart Light Bulbs?

We've already covered some of the benefits of smart light bulbs but perhaps the best reason to buy a smart LED light bulb over a regular incandescent bulb is for energy and environmental reasons. Your regular incandescent bulbs are extremely inefficient and waste so much energy on heat instead of light. They also don't last very long and can lead to a lot of waste if not recycled properly. On the other hand, smart LED lights are the most efficient bulb out there that use 75% less energy than their incandescent counterparts because a vast majority of the energy that they use actually goes towards producing light instead of heat. Furthermore, they last way longer with an average lifespan of 25,000 hours compared to 1,000 hours for incandescent bulbs. Finally, smart light bulbs that are able to turn on and off when needed help save even more energy that doesn't just help you save money but also helps cut down on emissions as well.  

Are Smart Light Bulbs Worth the Cost?

Just a few years ago, LED light bulbs would cost you a pretty penny. However, the costs have greatly decreased since then ' making them very accessible and economical. So while these bulbs might cost a bit more initially, you will be able to save tons of money on energy costs and buying fewer bulbs over time.

The Rundown

Once you start using smart light bulbs, you'll wonder how you ever lived without them! Physically turning on and off a light switch will seem like an archaic concept once you're used to them automatically turning on and off by themselves or using a remote on your phone. Clearly, smart light bulbs are a necessary addition to any smart home in 2020.




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