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If you're old-fashioned, you probably just assume that incendiary roadside flares are the best option when it comes to roadside safety. However, new technology has brought us new products like LED roadside safety flares that offer tons of advantages over traditional flares. We understand that you might be hesitant to switch over after using flares for many years, but LED flares are definitely an upgrade that you need for your vehicle.

What Are LED Roadside Safety Flares?

LED roadside safety flares are similar to the traditional incendiary flares but instead of using fire to create a warning signal, they use powerful LED lights. Incendiary flares have been used for years in different areas like boating, military, hiking, and even the railroad industry! And while incendiary flares are effective, they require some training and practice to use properly and can be potentially dangerous or risky to use since they involve actual fire. If not used correctly, you can easily burn yourself or cause an actual fire if you don't handle, place, or dispose of them properly. Thankfully, companies like Boundery have come up with a more modern form of a roadside safety flare using LED lights instead of an actual fire.    

Why Are LED Roadside Safety Flares Better?

First of all, LED roadside safety flares are better than traditional flares because they are safer to use. There's no risk of burning or fires with LED safety flares because they do not utilize fire at all. Anyone can safely use LED roadside safety flares with no practice or training whatsoever. Secondly, LED roadside safety flares do not expire like traditional flares do. Instead, they are extremely long-lasting and can provide light for up to 50,000 hours. Clearly, these are great long-term investments for your car safety kit that will definitely give you peace of mind for years to come.

Furthermore, LED roadside safety flares are extremely durable. Traditional flares have to be stored in ideal conditions in order to work properly. LED flares, on the other hand, are built to withstand all of the elements ranging from rain, snow, heat, and humidity. They are also crushproof and shatterproof so you can drop them or even run over them with your car and they will still shine just as brightly! If you were to do this with traditional safety flares, you would have a big problem.

Finally, LED roadside safety flares are extremely convenient thanks to features like a magnetic backing. So not only can you place them along the road leading up to your disabled car, but you can also stick them on the car itself! This can help oncoming traffic clearly locate your vehicle and avoid it ' keeping you and your vehicle safe until help arrives.

Why Do You Need LED Safety Flares?

A lot of people assume that they don't need to carry safety flares in their car because they aren't truckers, police officers, or paramedics. However, everyone with a car should carry LED roadside flares for safety reasons. After all, you never know when you are going to break down or get in an accident ' these aren't things that you plan out! This is especially true if you drive a lot at night. You don't want to be stuck on the side of the road in pitch-black darkness. While you might think that your hazard lights will do the trick, they typically aren't bright enough or strong enough to provide oncoming traffic with adequate time to see, process, and react to your vehicle. This is especially important at high speeds because of the far distances that cars will travel before the driver can actually react. For example, let's say that a driver has a reaction time of one second and the speed limit on the interstate is 70 miles per hour. In a perfect situation with no traffic or additional obstacles, an oncoming vehicle would travel at least 100 feet before the driver can react and adjust appropriately. Thankfully, the best LED roadside safety flares have a nighttime visibility range of up to 2,800 feet. These strong and bright lights will definitely provide oncoming traffic with enough time to see you and give you some space.

Another cool feature of LED safety flares is that they can also be used as a makeshift flashlight! There's nothing worse than trying to see under your hood after you break down in the dark. Instead of fumbling around with your phone's flashlight feature or even a real flashlight, all you have to do is stick a couple of magnetic LED safety discs under your hood and they will provide you with enough light to find what's wrong, fix it, and get back on the road in no time!

How to Use LED Roadside Safety Flares?

Perhaps the biggest advantage of using LED roadside safety flares over other flares is that they are super easy and straightforward to use. That being said, it's still a good idea to go over some of the basics on how to use them and place them correctly so that you can quickly and easily use them in a stressful situation:

  • It's best to store your LED safety flares in an easily accessible place within your vehicle. From there, all you have to do is press the power button to turn them on!
  • The best LED roadside safety flares come with nine different safety settings. Toggle between them to find the right one for your situation.
  • Place a couple of the flares directly onto your vehicle using the magnetic backing. That way, oncoming traffic can immediately see your disabled vehicle in the dark.
  • When it's safe, you should place additional flares on the shoulder leading up to your vehicle so that oncoming traffic has enough time to see you and react appropriately.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know all about LED roadside flares and why they are vital for any driver, you need to get out there and get some! Companies like Boundery have created some of the best LED safety flares that are super durable, versatile, and long-lasting. 




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