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Lighting for the office may not be on the forefront of your mind, but lighting, especially in the workplace can have large impacts on the way people work. Fluorescent lighting is a common light used in the workplace because of its economical price, but it has a few major cons including migraines. Having a headache is miserable and is definitely not conducive to working. LED lights have offered a great solution to office environment lighting with many benefits including energy efficiency, increased productivity, and even an increased quality of work. LED lights might just be the brightest idea for your office environment to invest in. 

Cost Reduction

When LED technology was first introduced to the public the price of LEDs was much higher than a standard light bulb. As they have become more popular their prices have decreased, but still have a higher sticker price than a traditional incandescent light bulb. However, LED lights can actually save you money. Because LED lights last an average of twenty five times longer than a standard incandescent bulb you are saving money on the costs of purchasing new bulbs over time. In a home with only 25 light bulbs this may not seem like much, but in an office with hundreds, if not thousands, of light bulbs this could be a huge savings. 

Energy Efficient

LEDs last a long time and are energy efficient in many ways. The most simple way is that because you are purchasing fewer bulbs there is less energy going into the process of creating the bulb. Once the bulb is installed in your business you can see up to a 75 percent decrease in energy consumption from each light bulb. Not only will this help your company to be more green and environmentally friendly, it will also decrease your operating costs on a daily basis. You can expect to see a decrease in your electricity bill. In many ways LED lights can help your office to become more energy efficient and financially stable. 

Motion Detecting

Motion detection is another great way to improve the energy efficiency of your office. The LED light will only be activated and turned on when someone or something triggers the sensor by walking in front of it. That way when no one is in the room the lights are not on and no one will have to remember to turn it on or off when leaving or coming into a room. This feature is especially helpful in small, non-frequented rooms such as a bathroom or janitorial closet. By keeping these lights active only when absolutely necessary you will save energy and power. 

Set The Mood

Setting the mood to work is very important to the success of your employees. You want the environment to be comfortable and conducive to working at maximum capacity. This does not only mean that their desk setups should be ergonomic, lighting also plays into the functionality of the work space. It has been shown that cool toned lighting is optimum for work flow. It keeps employees alert and awake. Also, with a light choice like LEDs you will not have the same flickering and discomfort that occurs with light choices such as fluorescents. Choosing a cool tone LED can get your employees ready for the work day. You can even have different colors in various areas. For example, cool white in the office or working area and a more warm toned light for break and eating areas. This change in lighting can sub consciously alter the mood of employees and allow them to fully enjoy each space when they are there. 

Customize Your Personal Space

LED lights do not only come in bulbs and can be incorporated into your space in many ways. LED lights are perfect for allowing an employee to express themselves in their personal desk space, without having loud decorations that could be distracting. LED lights can come in strips, motion detecting modules, and of course a bulb which is perfect for a desk lamp. The LED lights also have options for temperature change and even color change. Your employees can use these lights to customize their space and even make it easier to follow their daily work flow. 

LED Light Strips

LED light strips and light bars are the perfect way to accessories your desk space. They are easily customizable with colors and are easy to install. More important than easy installation is easy removal. There is no damage caused to the walls or furniture since it is installed with a magnet strip or adhesive tape. Simply apply the magnetic strip to any clean or flat surface and magnetize the light bar. Some great locations to apply them in your office are under your desk for maximum visibility, under cabinets for extra desk lighting, or in a dark cabinet or drawer. Using an LED strip in a personal desk can make an employee feel more comfortable and as if they are in charge of their own success. 

Correlated To Your Schedule

Some LED lights have the ability to connect to your phone to be programmed according to your schedule. While this is not an essential feature, it can make it easier to separate your schedule. For example, you could have the color of the light change when you have a meeting scheduled to gently alarm you to attend the meeting without disrupting your neighbors. You can also change the color of the light when you have a break. By changing the color your body will associate the new color with rest and allow you to have a more full and enjoyable break without feeling pressures to get back to work. The light color creates routine and separation in your mind to have a more structured and efficient work day. 

Increase Productivity

As a business you must care about the amount of work that gets done in a day. You want your employees to have a high level of productivity and produce work that meets the goals of each day. LED lights have been shown to be one of the most comfortable working lights and be associated with alertness. When your employees are fully alert they are able to be more productive and complete the job to its fullest. This can also increase job satisfaction among workers, when they feel that they are able to be fully present at their work and provide an excellent quality of work. 

Increase Quality of Work

Not only does the LED lighting increase the quantity of work, it can also increase the quality of work. The same study showed an increase in performance of work when LED lights were used, as compared to lights including incandescent and fluorescent light bulbs. Who knew that simply changing out the light bulbs in your office could have such an impact on the work that is produced?  With more work created and of a higher caliber, your business will be on the way to success and your employees will be at the forefront. 

The environment of the workplace can truly impact the office and business as a whole. As a leader in an office environment it is important that when you have bright ideas of ways to improve your office and work life of your employees, you advocate for the change and make it happen. LED light bulbs are a simple, but effective way to improve your bottom line in more ways than one and positively impact the work experience of your employees. With such a small investment and many  ways to customize the lights to your needs, LED light bulbs are an excellent way to make your office environment shine. 




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