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LED light strips are perfect for adding lighting in odd places around your home. They are known for upping the ambience of any space and making it even more usable.  Have a dark closet that needs an extra light without all of the electrical? Want to add a movie theater like effect near your tv? LED light strips are the perfect addition. They are very easy to install, fit almost anywhere, inexpensive, and adaptable. They are also energy efficient, which saves you time and money. So once you decide to purchase your Light Emitting Diode light strips how do you install them in your home or business?

What Are LED Strip lights?

So what exactly are LED lights? Light emitting diode or LED is a type of bulb that is a solid state semiconductor. They are very energy efficient lights that last 15-25 times longer than a standard light bulb. This is great because you have to replace them less often which saves you money and prevents excess waste from going into the landfill. LED lights can be placed into long strips that are very flexible and lightweight. They come in a few different types including tube LED lights that come inside of a plastic tube, LED lights on a flexible plastic strip, and LED light bars that are more durable and long lasting that have some sort of magnetic strip. Some of the lights are also motion sensored so that they only turn on when you walk past them. This saves energy and Depending on the type of LED strip light you choose, the install will be different. 

Where To Put LED Strip Lights

Lights in general can serve different purposes when placed in various locations. Lights can be used for safety, showing direction, highlighting one item, increasing visibility, or just to set the mood. Based on the purpose is when you may choose one light over another. So when it comes to LED lighting which locations would you choose? Some of the most common places for LED light strips are behind the TV, under kitchen cabinets, in closets, drawers, tool sheds, and stairways. Basically anywhere that is difficult to reach and you may have a hard time hardwiring electricity discreetly. 

Behind The TV

In any great cinema or movie room you will find lighting behind the screen. This highlights the shape of the screen and draws attention to it as the center and focus of that room. LED light strips are perfect for applying behind or below your television at home to increase the amount of ambience that your room has. It is a simple touch that is inmany expensive homes and can elevate your space. It is also extremely inexpensive. Also, adding an LED light that you can modulate with your phone or a controller to dim the lights according to the time and experience also adds to the effect. When adding this type of lighting be sure that the light itself is not visible to guests when sitting on your sofa or standing. This can take away from the experience and make the space feel more cluttered. Overall, behind the TV is a great place to put your LED light strips. 

Under Kitchen Cabinets

When sneaking into the kitchen for a late night snack the last thing you want to do is turn on all of the kitchen lights and alert your entire family of your mission. Adding LED light strips under your kitchen cabinets is a premium feature with elegance and function. It adds enough light that you have adequate visibility, but not enough that it is too dark for the late night or early morning time. This is also a feature that is more recently added in luxury new builds, but if you are looking to upgrade your current kitchen without breaking the bank for electric and LED strips are the way to go. 

How To Install LED Strip Lights

Depending on the type of LED strip you get there will be varying installation methods. The main three installs are a metal strip with magnet, hooks, and double sided tape. Each of these installation types have their own pros and cons. Each installation method will be introduced in more detail below. 

Metal Plate

With this type of LED light bar the install is super simple. The light bar itself is magnetic and will attach to any magnetic surface. This is perfect for your fridge, but can also be placed in other locations. It will come with a magnetic strip, where one side is the strip and the other side is an adhesive that can be stuck to any location you wish to place the light. Once you peel away the adhesive strip cover you can apply it to the location. Then, it is as simple as magnetizing the light bar to the magnetic strip. This easy installation is perfect for those with minimal tools or skills working with tools. The Motion Glo LED light bar from Boundery has this type of installation. 


For LED light strips that are in a tube they can be installed with hooks. These types of hooks can be command hooks or a hook used for hanging closet racks. As long as the tubing can sit inside of the hooks and stay balanced you can use them for installation. These are a little more time consuming and difficult to mount because you have to individually nail in each hook and then go back and place in the lights. 

Double Sided Tape

Double sided tape can be used for very light strips of LED lighting. This method is easy to apply, but can be difficult to remove without damaging the light or the wall. This method should be seriously contemplated, especially if you are a renter and move often. 

Installing LED strips is not a difficult job. The easiest method of installation is the magnetic metal plate as it is easy, safe, and non damaging to your product or home. When installing your lights you should also consider the surface that you will be applying it to. Make sure the surface is long enough and will not be easily tampered with. Also, if you are using motion sensored lights, ensure that the light sensor is visible. LED light strips are very affordable and adaptable. 




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