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Giving gifts is a great feeling, especially when it is for someone you love. Selecting the perfect gift takes a lot of thought and time. But there is always a particular person that comes to mind that makes it quite tricky when it comes to finding a gift. Have you ever noticed more of an effort that you have had to face every Father's Day, Christmas, and birthday for your dad? 

Mr. Fix it all always claims that he has everything and wants nothing, which does not make it easy when you are trying to find a gift for him. Luckily, new technology and innovative products are continually getting added to the market. Companies like Boundery have various products your dad will love and use, all for an affordable price. 

Stray away from getting him yet another #1 Dad mug or Father of the Year T-shirt. Read along to gain some insight on new gifts and ideas for your dad this year. 

The Handyman Dad

The handyman dad comes with a plumbers belt and a kit full of tools and gadgets. He is continuously trying to fix up the house, from painting scratches to updating his family's appliances. There is never a need for the phonebook because this dad claims he can do it all. If this sounds strangely familiar, consider these new ideas for his next gift. 

Portable Worklight

A portable work light is a great gift to consider getting your dad. Whether he is working after sunset or working in confined, dark spaces, a work light would be a perfect addition to his box of toys. Especially with the feature of being portable, your dad can carry his work light everywhere he goes. 

The Magnetic Mini Worklight XP from Boundery is an excellent, affordable portable work light to consider. It is wireless, so he can bring it wherever he works and has a magnetic feature to stack multiple together for a brighter light or stick it to a magnetic surface right where you need it. Its waterproof feature makes this product even more useful to bring around any workplace environment. 

Even if your dad may not be a handyman, DIY enthusiast, this portable work light is a great product to have around your home in case of an emergency. Without using electricity, it can provide you and your family safety as it can easily be used during periods of power shortages, for example. 

The On the Go Dad

Is your dad constantly on the go? Traveling for business, running errands, or just always wanting to do something, sitting around is never an option for your dad. This type of brisk lifestyle is something that has always made your dad unique and fun to be around. Consider the following gifts to improve his time when always on the go. 

Roadside Accessories

There are many types of accessories and gadgets that you can bring into your car to make the ride more enjoyable. Car seat covers help keep the interior of your car clean and add a little bit of uniqueness to the automobile. Most are machine washable and are easy to remove and place. To spice it up a bit, there are seat covers with additional features such as heated temperature control and massagers to really show your dad how much you care.

Always being on the road can be concerning for some. Car accidents occur more often at night when light sources are scarce. The Roadside LED Safety Flare by Boundery is an incredible product that can help give you and your dad peace of mind. These flashing lights help make your car impossible to miss when stopped on the side of the road at night. With nine different flashing patterns emitting in a 360-degree radius with 15 white and orange LED lights, your dad will stick out on the side of the road like a sore thumb. It is easy to install as the magnetic back sticks firmly onto your car door. 

Travel Tumbler

Upgrade your #1 Dad mug to a #1 Dad tumbler. Having a reusable cup to carry drinks can help your dad as he is always on the go. Resorting to a reusable cup positively affects the environment, making for no more disposable cups and less trash. It also guarantees that your dad will be able to enjoy his cup of coffee in the morning and stay hydrated throughout the day. It will also serve him a constant reminder that he is, in fact, the #1 dad. 

The Outdoor Dad

Do you always find your dad exploring the outdoors during his free time? Are camping, fishing, and hiking the types of activities that get him up before the crack of dawn? Or, maybe on a nice, sunny day, your dad will insist on grilling in the backyard and soaking up the sun. If this describes your dad to the T, take a look at some gifts your dad will love. 


When camping overnight or hiking to see the sunset, your dad may catch himself in a situation where the flashlight on his smartphone just doesn't cut it. A flashlight is always essential whenever exploring the wilderness. 

Traditional flashlights tend to be bulky and heavy, and the battery life is quite unpredictable. Fortunately enough, the HD 2800 Deluxe Flashlight by Boundery is a lightweight aluminum-based flashlight that has a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 4-6 hours of stable brightness. There are three different lighting modes, which all have an incredible illumination range that can supply a long distance of light. 


Night2Day Smart Safety Bulb

During long summer nights, you can probably find your dad in the backyard ready to grill, fix up the lawn, or just sit back, enjoying the fresh air. Boundery has a fantastic product that can extend your dad's happiness as well as his time outdoors. The Night2Day Smart Safety Bulb does just what the name implies. 

Switch up your standard conventional light bulbs in your backyard smart safety bulb to extend the hours outdoors. This LED bulb has a sensor that automatically turns on whenever the sun goes down and turns off when it comes back up. It uses up to 80% less energy than conventional light bulbs and can keep your dad from leaving his happy place. 


Let's face it; it is always so hard finding a gift for dad without adding to his tie collection or #1 Dad shrine. The idea of thinking of a new gift year after year can even become quite tasking. Luckily, new products are always getting added to the market to benefit your dad's everyday life. 

All dads are different and have different interests, hobbies, and a sense of humor. Whether your dad is a handy man, outdoorsy man, on the go man or any other type of man, there will always be a product out there that strays away from the conventional types of gifts and surprises him. 

Boundery makes it easy to find a gift for dad. With affordable prices and innovative products that can be used every single day, there is no reason to resort back to the traditional Father's Day gifts anymore. With the simple click of a button online, your dad will be shocked at the new and unique gifts you decided to give him!






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