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 Dusk to dawn lights are a key element of proper outdoor lighting that every home should have. It doesn't matter if you live in the suburbs, in a gated community, or in the countryside ' you can really benefit from using dusk to dawn lights. So here's everything you need to know about dusk to dawn lights, how to set them up, and why you should use them:

What Are Dusk to Dawn Lights?

Dusk to dawn lights are special LED lights that are able to measure the level of light in their surroundings and adjust accordingly! Dusk to dawn lights include a special photocell placed inside that is sensitive to light. When the photocell is being exposed to sunlight, the light bulb will not turn on. However, when it no longer detects high levels of light, the light bulb will turn on by itself. There are even some types of dusk to dawn lights that allow you to customize the light level that will activate the photocell. At the same time, there's also the option to simply purchase individual photocells and screw them into the socket of a regular lightbulb.

How to Set Up Dusk to Dawn Lights?

If you're looking for a quick and easy set up with minimal maintenance, then you definitely want to buy an LED light with a built-in photocell like the Night2Day LED Light Bulb by Boundery. With this bulb, there's no need to install a separate photocell or ever turn it on or off. Once it's in, it will do all the work for you for a long time thanks to its 30,000-hour lifespan! Dusk to dawn lights are a great alternative to old-fashioned light timers that don't adjust with seasons and time changes. No matter the time of year, your dusk to dawn light will be able to tell when the sun rises and sets to provide you with consistent maintenance-free light all year round!

Why Use Dusk to Dawn Lights?

Obviously, you know that light is important inside your home ' but it can be just as important outside too! Unfortunately, outdoor lighting is an area that many people seem to forget about or neglect until something happens. Maybe one day you happen to trip coming up the front steps in the dark. Or maybe you go away on vacation and experience security issues since people will assume that you're not home if all the lights are off. In any case, dusk to dawn lights can help keep you and your home safe ' whether you're there or not!  

Even though safety is a hugely important factor, money is too. And believe it or not, dusk to dawn LED lights can also help you save money in energy costs. LED lights are already extremely efficient and use up to 75% less energy than traditional incandescent light bulbs. When you add in a photocell, that percentage increases to 80%! This is because this smart light bulb will eliminate the possibility that you forget to turn off your outdoor lights in the morning. You might not think that leaving them on for a couple of days a month won't really make a difference, but these things can add up quickly! This is especially true if you have a large outdoor area or yard with multiple light sources. Not only will you save money, but you can also help save the environment by using less energy and reducing your emissions. Just make sure to recycle your LED light bulbs properly once they burn out to really minimize your environmental footprint.

How to Incorporate Dusk to Dawn Light Outdoors?

Dusk to dawn lights are definitely one of the best types of outdoor lights that every home should have. That being said, there are other types of outdoor lights that can be effectively used alongside dusk to dawn lights for a cohesive, effective, and secure outdoor lighting scheme. Here are some different types of outdoor lights that you can utilize alongside dusk to dawn lights:

  • Motion-sensor lights: Motion-sensor lights are the perfect complement to dusk to dawn lights. Unlike dusk to dawn lights that come on any time it's dark outside, motion-sensing lights only turn on when it's dark and they detect a heat signature from a human or an animal. The best motion-sensing bulbs have a range of ten feet in which they can detect heat. After not detecting a heat signature for 30 seconds, they will turn back off. Motion-detecting lights are another great way to scare off potential intruders and startle them with a burst of bright LED light!
  • Stair lights: Stairs in the dark can pose a major safety hazard. One way to make stairs a lot safer is to install solar LED stair lights. All you have to do is peel off the sticker on the back and place them along stairs, railings, or any potentially dangerous areas. These lights are solar-powered so there's no need for any extra cords, batteries, or maintenance.  
  • Garden lights: Garden lights are a great way to light up sidewalks and paths in your yard. Most of these lights are solar-powered and can simply be placed into the ground thanks to durable plastic stakes. They only come on at night and come in tons of cool designs and colors so that you can really add some personality to your yard while making it safer at the same time.
  • Colored spotlights: If you're looking to spice up your outdoor patio or yard, then colored LED spotlights are a great way to do that! Battery-powered LED lights are the best option, and many of them can be controlled and customized with a remote control! Waterproof colored spotlights can even be used in pools, ponds, or other water features for a really cool effect that's bound to make you the talk of the town.

Final Thoughts

Dusk to dawn lights can help you save money on energy and help make your home feel more secure. They are super easy to install, require no maintenance, and can last for years. When used with other types of outdoor lighting, you can rest assured that the outside of your home is as good as the inside!   




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