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As time goes on the importance of sustainability increases drastically. With global warming happening at an alarming rate from carbon emissions and a depleting source of non-renewable energy, there is an increasing need for sustainable energy sources. Solar power is a great option for an energy source as the sun is widely available and there has been long standing research and innovation that decreased the cost for solar power which makes it an attainable source for energy. Solar energy uses sun power that is collected in a photovoltaic cell made of crystalline silicon and converted into electrical energy. So how exactly does solar power and sustainability go hand in hand? And how can solar power be economically sustainable as well?

Environmental Savings

Solar power creates many environmental savings in various different ways. By harnessing energy from the sun there are adequate resources to provide the necessary energy and create other sustainable pros. Some of the environmental benefits that solar energy offers are that it creates zero carbon emissions and no pollution, it can reduce the use of fossil fuels as an energy source, and the sun is a reliable and renewable resource. By utilizing solar energy there are many environmental savings to be had. 

Reduce Fossil Fuel Use

Fossil fuels are usually burned to create a majority of the energy we use today. Fossil fuel burning created about 93% of carbon dioxide emissions in the United States in 2018. This is a huge problem that contributes to climate change and could be drastically decreased if there was another major energy source that was implemented. Besides during the production of solar panels, creating energy from solar panels does not create any additional pollution. By using solar energy there will be a drastic reduction in carbon emissions and will reduce the need for fossil fuels. You can also feel good that by using energy you are not continuing to take from the earth something that cannot be replaced, but are able to utilize a gift that the earth has provided us without damaging the earth in return. 

Renewable Resource

Fossil fuels have sustained us for long enough, but the reality is it is a non-renewable resource. This means that eventually we will run out of fossil fuels, so we need an alternative energy source sooner than later. Solar energy utilizes energy from the sun which is a renewable resource that will never go away. Because solar energy is a renewable resource it can be a permanent solution to the energy problem and not just something temporary. Having a stable renewable resource for energy supply is vital in the long term sustainability of energy production. 

Economic Savings

When it comes to new energy sources it is common to only think about the money that  must be invested into the infrastructure and production of the product. However, solar energy actually has many possibilities to increase the economic sustainability where it is implemented. Even on a small scale basis solar power can have large economic implications. Some of the ways solar energy can have an economic impact is by generating jobs, saving citizens and cities money on electricity, and providing savings that can be reallocated to further energy innovation. 

Generates Jobs

When any new product or industry is created there will be a need for new jobs and positions. Solar energy has the potential for installation technicians, engineers, service, corporations to manage, and more. By offering these new options for jobs in various areas there will be economic growth and even more room for economic stability as more people have jobs. The more established the energy source becomes the more jobs will become available as well. Generating jobs is a great way to empower citizens and effect the local and national economy. 

Money Savings In Electricity

The cost for solar power is mainly in the initial investments in the solar panels or solar light fixtures that you purchase. After the initial investment there is minimal maintenance that needs to occur which results in massive savings over time. The average home will save around ten thousand to thirty thousand dollars over the life of a solar panel when switching from traditional electricity to solar power. With so much savings there is the ability to save and spend money elsewhere to boost the economy. With families able to spend more money on their wants and less on their needs they can feel a lot of economic freedom from one simple choice. 

Money For Energy Innovation 

Family homes are not the only ones that will save money from implementing solar power. Since solar energy requires fewer resources to maintain and is renewable the cost is lower for power companies and the government. With more money saved, there is money left over that can be invested in other energy innovations. This is where environmental and economic innovation go hand in hand. When an innovation allows for additional financial resources there is more room for creating future products that continue to increase the cycle of sustainability. Who knows what the next greatest invention may be?

How You Can Go Solar

There are many ways that you can take the initiative to go solar. From a small scale to large scale you can choose just how far the power of the sun can take you. Solar power lights are a great starter option for dabbling in solar power. If you are wanting to make the ultimate investment, getting solar panels installed in your home is a good option. Depending on your budget, needs, and local laws on solar power use, you can decide what is the best option for you and your family. 

Solar Power Lights 

Solar power lights are affordable, easily installed, and accessible. They are mainly used for outdoor use, but can still have an impact on your power bills and sustainability. There are solar stair lights, solar flood and wall lights, solar deck lights, and even overhead solar lighting. Some solar lights are even motion sensored to only turn on and use power when something is in their motion detection range. Because they do not require an outside power source there is no need to use your electricity and can even replace your front door or porch lighting. Outdoor solar lights are a great way to dip your toes into sustainable power without fully committing to full solar power. 

Solar Panels

Solar panels can be used to simply heat your pool, support your current electricity method, or completely support your electricity needs. The regulations on solar power from area to area depends so you must check your local laws to see what is allowed. Solar panels can seem like a large investment at first, but over time you can see the return. There are also many loans available to implement solar energy into your home. When you decide to use solar panels in your home and make the investment you will see a decrease in your electricity bill and will be reducing your overall carbon footprint. 

So, solar power and sustainability really do go hand in hand. They offer solutions to energy production that significantly reduces fossil fuel use and carbon emissions to help make the world more sustainable. While it may not currently be feasible to completely change to solar power, there are many small steps that can be made by everyone to increase the sustainability on planet Earth. By each doing our part to increase the amount of solar power we use and advocating for the use of solar power at a large scale we can make a large impact on sustainability. 




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