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Home security is more important now than ever. With more electronics and technology in your home it is important to keep your belongings safe. But, even more importantly, you want yourself and your family to be kept out of harm's way. 

Having a home security system with lights and cameras is incredibly important so that you can keep an eye on your home whether you are present or not. In addition, they can act as deterrents on their own to keep invaders away. 

When you have a security camera by itself you may not be using it to its full ability. Having a light to pair with the camera ups the security in two ways. 

Firstly, your camera can better pick up the image so you can assess what the intruder looks like better. Even if your camera has night vision it may have limited vision at further distances which the light can help with as well. 

In addition, people naturally look towards things that move or change, so when a light turns on, their intuition tells them to look towards it. This will allow you to get a video or photo of the perpetrators face so you have a better chance at identifying them. 

So, when looking for a security light you have several options. Keep reading to discover the seven best security lights to use with cameras. 

LED Lights

LED lights are known for being extra bright. Just imagine a blinding LED headlight shining through your rearview mirror and you will remember just how bright it is. 

This feature works perfectly as a security light so you can have as much visibility as possible. LED lights are also very long lasting which is great for your energy consumption as well as making it highly reliable. You will not have to worry that your light will not be triggered by motion because the bulb burnt out. 

A Boundery LED bulb can light for about 26,000 hours so you can feel confident in its reliability. Instead you can focus your efforts on other things and know that your home is protected. 

Flood Lights

Flood lights are a common choice for security lights. They are often placed on the sides of businesses or homes to provide bright lights around a dark area on the outside of the property. They are mounted high on the wall to shine the most light as possible to the area around it. They come in a few different options with varying features to meet your needs. Some have two can lights that point in opposite directions, and others have one large light that illuminates a large area. 

Boundery's flood light series is called LumiGuard and comes in various versions. All versions feature one large solar powered LED light that is wall mounted and motion sensing. 

  • LumiGuard: The original LumiGuard is a wireless LED light. It is easily installed with two screws into any flat surface. It is also waterproof so you do not have to worry about it staying out in the rain. By mounting this near your camera or in an area that your camera has a difficult time seeing you can help to secure your home. In addition to security it can also help you with regular tasks such as letting out the dog, taking out the trash, or helping you find your way to your door when you come home at night. 
  • LumiGuard Pro: The LumiGuard Pro is the next step up when it comes to flood lights. The pro version has everything that the original has and more, including 84 LED lights. It is IP65 waterproof rated, snow resistant, and heat resistant. It can also detect motion at a greater angle of 270 degrees up to 26 feet away. With more motion detection range there is a higher likelihood of detecting if someone is on your property. There are also three light modes so you can choose between medium light mode, dim light sensor mode, and sensor mode depending on your preferences.
  • LumiGuard Pro XL: The LumiGuard Pro XL is the biggest and most intense flood light offered by Boundery. It has a whopping 117 LED lights and gives 270 degrees of illumination. Instead of being a single module like the previously mentioned models, it features a two-part model connected by a wire. On one end is a large solar panel and the other end is the light. This allows it to store even more solar power and keep the battery lasting extra long. Because of the two-part system, you could also set it up so the solar panel is outside and the light is indoors. One other special feature is that the sensor has a built-in infrared human body sensor for max security. 
  • LumiGuard NiteShield: The LumiGuard NiteShield is most similar to the LumiGuard original, it also has 20 LED lights. What makes it stand out from the rest is its sleek and modern design. It has a sleek curve and metallic finish as opposed to the black finish of the others. It is also IP65 rated and weatherproof to extreme rain, heat, and cold. 

Stair Lights

Stair lights are lights that attach to outdoor steps to prevent trips and falls by lighting up the path. While you may not care if your intruder trips up the stairs, you may want to see them better through your camera by illuminating a frequently dark spot. 

Lighting up your stairs is a simple way to see the details of the perpetrator. It will illuminate their outfit and physique so you have more details on the person. 

In addition, you will be able to recognize someone earlier than if you wait until they get all the way to your door. 

Deck Lights

Deck lights work similarly to the stair lights in their purpose, however their location is different. Deck lights can be placed on a deck of course but can also be on any flat surface such as a walkway, porch, pool, or dock. 

The deck light is solar powered and automatically turns on when the sun goes down. The circular design directs the light upwards and also on the surrounding surface. It is also made with aluminum alloy that is extra strong which can come in handy if an intruder tried to destroy it to reduce the light. The light can handle being stepped on, smacked on a hard surface, kicked, or even run over with a vehicle. 

Motion Light Bulbs

If you do not want to go out of your way to purchase and install a new lighting system it is best to work with what you have. A motion light bulb can be put into your front door light fixture. This is perfect for if you have a front door camera and only need extra lighting near your entrance way. 

If someone or something approaches the area the light will turn on and the camera will begin recording. This is an excellent lighting system if you are hoping to make a small investment for your safety and security while still making a difference. A light bulb that turns on automatically during the night time would be helpful for this as well.

Pair With Alarms

Cameras and lights are an excellent step in the right direction for DIY home security, but you should consider pairing them with alarms as well. Alarms will let you know immediately if one of your thresholds have been crossed by someone or something. Because doors are frequently opened, they are not the easiest to have an alarm on. However, windows are a common entry point for intruders so an alarm there is a good idea. 

Boundery's window alarm works with magnets, so when the window is opened, an alarm will sound. The sound should deter the intruder and let you or your neighbors know that someone has attempted to come into the home. 


Security lights and cameras go hand in hand. Choosing the perfect light to go with your security system depends on your particular home. 

Before purchasing any lights do a thorough assessment of your outside environment. Make note of all entry points, dark areas, and heavily trafficked areas. These are all places that you should consider having a light, alarm, and/or camera to keep your home as secure as possible. 

If you are experiencing a threat to the safety of your home you should contact your local authorities. Safety is the most important thing so be aware of what is going on in and around your home as much as possible. If anything seems suspicious work with the police to ensure you and your family are safe and sound.





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