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Outdoor tree lights serve many purposes including function, fashion, and safety. Outdoor lights can be tricky because they have to have a power source, not have too much maintenance, and be bright enough to do the job. 

So, what are the best lights for outdoor trees? Christmas lights, string lights, lantern lights, solar lights, bug zapping lights, and other types of lights are excellent for different occasions. 

While reading this article, keep in mind your goals for your outdoor lights and see which light best aligns. 

Christmas Lights

Christmas lights are probably the first outdoor lights that come to mind for trees. They are very popular around the holidays lighting up trees outside and inside. The christmas tree light was introduced in the 1870s and continued to grow from there.

Christmas lights are a good option if you are on a budget and you already have them, however there are some downsides. Christmas lights have to be hooked up to a power source, meaning there is a long cable connecting to the power from your house. This can be a fall hazard and is not aesthetically pleasing. This can also take a lot of power from your home and the costs can add up quickly. Additionally, the lights are strung around the entire tree, making installation time-consuming and potentially dangerous. 

String Lights

String lights or twinkle lights are another popular option for outdoor trees.  Instead of being strung around the entire tree, they are usually strung from limb to limb around the bottom limbs of the tree and the trunk. 

String lights are often battery powered, making it more accessible than hooking up the power to your house. String lights are especially great for an entertaining space where you have patio furniture below the string lights or are planning to have an event outside at night.  

They are a great ambient light, however they may not be great if you need high visibility. Fairy lights are a type of string light that has smaller bulbs and can even have features like twinkling to make it look like little fairies are around your trees. 

If you are looking for picture perfect ambience, then string lights are just what you are looking for. 

Hanging Lanterns

Hanging lantern lights are another option for lighting your outdoor trees. The lanterns are attached to a string, chain, or chord that is looped around the tree branch to hang overhead. These lanterns house a light inside -- various lights can be used including traditional light bulbs, fake flame lights, and even string lights. These lights are usually used in combination with other lighting because they do not give off enough life alone. They are the perfect light for giving levels of lights. 

When hanging the lanterns you should be careful that you have a sturdy ladder and someone with you to keep you from falling. You also should carefully consider the height at which you hang it so that no one hits their head on the lantern when they walk beneath the tree.   

Solar Lights

All types of solar lights are excellent for your outdoor tree lights. Solar lights take away the need for outside power sources like electric or batteries. Instead, the power is coming from the sun which naturally powers the light and decreases the maintenance for you. You also save money since you don't have to purchase the batteries or pay for electricity. 

Solar lights come in all different varieties so you can choose which one suits your needs and preferences best. Since the lights will be underneath the tree you will have to choose a spot that gets the most light  possible and be considerate of how much shade there may be. 

While it may take more time to charge the battery with extra shade, it should still be enough power to operate the light.

Bug Zapping Lights

You have probably seen a clip from a movie with a bug being zapped by a lantern. Gone are the days when you needed a giant lantern to do the job, now there are simple light bulbs that can do the same. These types of lights are perfect for your outdoor space and trees so that you can be comfortable sitting around outside without getting attacked by bugs. 

The Bug Bulb 2-in-1 Outdoor Lantern is a waterproof, dual-function bug zapper and outdoor lantern in one. It can be hung in your tree like a lantern, carried around, or even set on a table on your outside patio. This bug zapper can reduce your need for citronella candles or other intense bug deterrents. The light is also easy to clean which is a plus, since other similar products can have an intense cleaning process. 

Motion Sensing Flood Lights

Feeling secure in your home is of the utmost importance. Flood lights are very helpful for your home security because they can scare away intruders, whether that is an animal or a person, and if you have a security camera, the light will increase the visibility of the camera so that you can watch the video back later as needed. 

Motion detecting flood lights can be attached to almost any surface, but placing them on trees is an excellent use of the light. Depending on where the tree is placed it could light up the area when it detects motion. Trees on your property line or close to the house are two places that an intruder may not suspect a light to be placed, and give you an extra boost of safety when you need it most. 

Decorative Lights

If you are looking to add some year-long decoration to your tree and yard there are many decorative light options to choose from nowadays. You can choose from different colors, shapes, designs, and light styles. 

Boundery's RGB Solar Firework Light for example is a stake light with colorful LED light strands that fan out to form a firework shape. 

They add interest and design to your yard and are cool to the touch, so they are safe for any children or pets that get a little too close. They are also water resistant so you do not have to worry about bringing them inside if it is raining, sleeting, or snowing. One other plus is that they are solar powered and automatically turn on when it is dark outside, and turn back off when the sun comes up. 

Walkway Lights

Walkway lights are those that light up a walking path to make it easier for you to see where you are going. These are very helpful outside because you never know what could be on the ground from an animal, insect, tree root, or bump in the sidewalk. 

Walkway lights can be attached to your trees so that the ground around them is illuminated when you walk past them. You can either choose motion detecting lights that turn on and off with motion, or a solar light that stays on the whole time that it is dark outside.

You can even keep this in mind with landscaping. If you line a path with trees, you can attach the lights to the trees so that they do not take up extra ground space or interrupt the landscaping.  

Deck Lights

Sometimes you want to use a light that will light up the tree at night to highlight the landscaping and the beauty of the tree. This can be done in a few ways including a spot light and a deck light. 

Spot lights have been used traditionally with a small can light pointing directly up at the tree trunk. While this does the job it can draw more attention to the light itself than the tree. 

By using a deck light the light is flush to the ground and provides light to the tree without being distracting. 

The LifeProof Deck Light is a super tough solar-powered light that can be used for many purposes, including outdoor tree lights. It is made from aluminum and can stand up to being stepped on, dropped, kicked, or even run over by a car. The light is flat to the ground and soaks up the sun during the day to then kick on automatically at night. It has transparent spots on the sides as well so that the ground around the tree and the tree itself can be lit up. 


Outdoor tree lights are an excellent tool to have in your arsenal. They can be helpful to make your yard more beautiful and a safer place. No matter which outdoor tree light you choose make sure that it fits your specific needs. 

Boundery offers a wide variety of outdoor lighting solutions for your outdoor trees and more. As always, keep safety in mind when installing any lighting fixture!




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