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The kitchen is one of the most frequented rooms in the house, so choosing the right lighting is very important. There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing lighting for the kitchen: functionality, style, and visibility. You want a light that will add to the aesthetic of your kitchen while also making it easier to use. There are also two parts of lighting: the fixture and the light itself. Both should be taken into consideration when designing your kitchen. 

Below are the best lights for kitchens and how to use them to your advantage.

Motion Light Bars

Do you have a cabinet, drawer, or closet in your kitchen that is a little too dark? These storage spaces are great for keeping items, but when there isn't proper lighting it can make it difficult to get full use out of them. 

This is where Boundery's motion light bars come in. These are easy to install light bars that can be placed in unusual spots to add extra light. They are also motion sensing, so whenever you open your cabinet or closet door it will automatically turn on to give you more light. 

In addition to these hard to reach places they can also be very helpful as under-cabinet lighting. There is no fighting to hide wires or the need to hardwire anything, resulting in a sleek finish. Since they are motion detecting, they will turn on whenever you are in the area so you can have extra visibility when you need it. 

Motion Sensor Light Bulbs

You have already seen how motion sensing lights can be helpful. A motion sensing light bulb is just like any other bulb and can be screwed into a regular light socket. The special feature is that it turns on when it detects motion and turns off if no motion is detected. 

Because the kitchen is a high traffic area it is common to forget to turn off the lights when you leave the room. Motion sensing lights make it easy to save money on electricity since you are only using the lights when you are in the room. In addition, you are helping the environment as well!

Boundery's Motion Sensor LED Bulb has a 120 degree angle of detection and a range of 16 feet. It also lasts 25,000 hours and has a brightness of 800 lumens to make for a bright, long-lasting option for one of the busiest areas of the house.

LED Light Bulbs

The kitchen often has difficult to reach lights that make it difficult and frustrating when you need to change them. To save money and time, an LED light bulb is a great choice for any light fixture in the kitchen. LED lights last longer than other light bulbs so you will not have to purchase them as frequently. 

On top of this, LED lights can be very bright, so you will have excellent visibility. This can be especially helpful in the kitchen where you need to keep an eye on many things and need as much light you can get when in the middle of preparing a meal. LED's also have various temperatures to choose from so you have options to fit your preferences (more on this later!). LED lights have many benefits and are a great choice for not just the kitchen, but really the whole house!

Track Lighting

Track lighting is a common kitchen lighting trend that features a rail with attached lights. The rail can be exposed or flush with the ceiling. The lights are then attached to the rail and able to pivot 360 degrees. 

This type of lighting reaches everywhere in the kitchen and provides tons of options for customization. You can even move the lights around as needed to provide extra lighting to a certain location. Track lights are popular with an industrial or modern style since they are typically made of metal and feature can lights. 

One downside to this type of light is that it can be very bulky and an eye sore if it does not perfectly match your decor, so plan ahead for it wisely!

Hanging Light Fixtures

Hanging light fixtures are another option when it comes to kitchen lighting. These lights can be stand alone pendants or a fixture with many lights such as a chandelier. These lights are great because there is one suited for almost every style of home decor. 

Hanging lights can be placed over a kitchen island or over a sink for extra lighting, too, without getting in the way. They are also typically lower hanging, making it more convenient to change out your bulbs. 

The con to these lighting fixtures is the required cleaning. Because they can feature intricate metal work or flat surfaces, they tend to easily collect dust. This increases the maintenance, but can be worth it if you enjoy the aesthetic. 

Recessed Lighting

In the past decade recessed lighting has become very popular. Recessed lighting is when the lighting is mounted into the ceiling, creating pockets of light throughout the ceiling versus having a light fixture sticking out. This is especially popular in kitchens because it illuminates the entire room. Recessed lights can be placed on the ceiling throughout the whole kitchen so that every square inch is lit up. 

The negative side to recessed lighting is that it can be expensive to get installed by an electrician, and if your ceilings are tall it can be difficult to change out your bulbs. But, that is where an LED light bulb can come in handy in terms of being so long-lasting!

Walkway Lighting

Having adequate lighting on the pathway to the kitchen is a must, especially for those midnight snacks. These pathway lights are typically at knee height and shine down, or can be lighting that goes under your bottom cabinets. However, the ones that attach to the wall are typically brighter and give better visibility. 

These lights will light up your walking path and can make your walk safer. Adequate lighting is essential in helping to reduce the chance of falls


A flashlight is not an actual lighting solution for the kitchen, however, it is a vital tool to have in your kitchen and is worth mentioning as you think about lighting! 

The kitchen is usually the heart of the home and is easily accessible by everyone. The central location makes it perfect to keep emergency supplies accessible here, such as a flashlight. A flashlight can come in handy during power outages, storms, or even to take with you outside on a dark night. 

The HD 2800 2.0 Deluxe Flashlight is the perfect light for the job. It can light distances up to 2,600 feet away, is made of light weight aluminum, and is rugged and durable. It can also be charged or it can use batteries so it will always be ready when you need it. 

Overall, a flashlight is a must have for any kitchen and is a valuable asset for the safety of you and your family.  

Before You Make a Final Decision, Don't Forget To Consider Temperature!

Before choosing which light you want to go with, one last thing to consider is what warmth you are going for. The temperature of a light is a large player in the ambience it gives off. The temperature is how warm or cool toned a light is. The temperature can create a certain mood throughout a room. Not all types of light bulbs have different temperatures of light, so keep that in mind when deciding on a type of bulb as well.  

Warm: Warm light has a yellow or orange undertone. Warm lights are typically used in traditional styled homes that give a space a more 'homey' feel. Warm lights can also make a room seem more comfortable or intimate. The down side to warm light is that it can feel too dark and therefore reduce the visibility in the room. 

Cool: Cool toned lights have a white or blue undertone. These lights give a light and airy feeling to a room and provide excellent visibility. This is perfect in a kitchen because you can easily read recipes and see your food in detail without having to turn on additional lighting sources. Cool lights also mimic daylight which can be helpful in making you feel more awake and present. 


There are a lot of options when it comes to choosing your kitchen lighting, but these are some of the best lights for kitchens to choose from. The main decisions to choose are the temperature of the lights, the type of bulbs to use, and which fixtures to include. Lighting is a key element of design so it is important to get it right. Good luck!



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