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Whether you use it for parking, building, painting, or just hanging out, your garage is a vital space that's part of your home. In fact, garages can add upwards of $20,000 to a home's value, proving that there is a lot of potential in these spaces.

With that in mind, you want to make sure that the space is comfortable and safe enough to conduct these necessary activities. These factors are reliant on the lighting sources that bring life to your garage.

But since garages are so large in comparison to a kitchen or living room, garage lights can be expensive and energy inefficient. Not to mention, during power outages, these useful rooms can become extremely unsafe if precautions are not taken.

It's very important to put some thought into lighting your garage's ceiling, as it could have a direct influence on your safety and your wallet. 

Here are some of the best options to choose from when browsing for new bulbs.

Why is Garage Lighting So Important?

It's probably not something you've put too much thought into, but the lights on your garage's ceiling can have a direct impact on your productivity, safety, and energy bill.

Garages are large spaces that make them perfect for parking your car. But for many people, these spaces double as workshops, storage units, or even living areas. No matter what the space is being used for, you never want to have your activities halted because of a burnt out light bulb.

Also, since power outages have been steadily increasing every year, these spaces can become unsafe during severe weather. Especially since most garages come with few windows, these rooms can become pitch black when the electricity cuts out.

Many garage lights are also attached to a timer or a sensor that keeps them on for a little while after you enter. This can hike up your electricity bill and dwindle your bulb's lifespan unless you use an energy efficient option.

Here's a look at some of the best options that take these factors into consideration.

1. Boundery's EBulb Emergency Power LED Light Bulb

Two of the most important factors that define a great ceiling light are efficiency and durability. Luckily, Boundery's EBulb nails both of those and much more.

This bulb provides the equivalent amount of light as a 60 watt incandescent bulb, but actually only uses nine watts. This helps the planet by immensely cutting back on energy usage, while simultaneously saving you money on your next electric bill.

These lights also last ten years longer than traditional lights, clocking in at upwards of 25,000 hours of total lighting. So, you can focus on your next carpentry project without needing to worry about changing the bulb.

But perhaps one of the best features in Boundery's EBulb is its self charging battery, giving it the ability to provide up to four hours of uninterrupted light during a power outage. This makes it great for garage or outdoor use, as you can safely park your car or grab supplies during an emergency.

This really is an all-around great choice for your garage ceiling, as well as any room in your home. Plus, it's an energy efficient option that can keep you safe during that next thunderstorm.

2. Philips 60 Watt Equivalent Energy Saving LED Bulb

Philips is a trusted name in electricity manufacturing, and their LED bulbs are solid options for garage ceilings. These LED lights use less energy than a typical incandescent bulb while still giving rooms a similar appearance. This can help you save a ton of money without sacrificing durability or quality.

But while these lights get the job done, they lack a battery that can allow it to continue working even during a power outage. This might make them good options for living areas or kitchens that receive a lot of sunlight, but risky choices for windowless areas such as garages and basements.

3. EcoSmart 60 Watt Equivalent A19 LED Light Bulb

As the name implies, EcoSmart is an energy efficient option that won't use too much electricity to power. This soft white light is great for illuminating large spaces like garages or backyards.

These lights are also dimmable, so if you wanted to be able to control the brightness of the light at any given moment, you'd be able to do so with a dimming switch. This can make them solid choices for living rooms or dining rooms, as they allow you to set the mood for any occasion.

The only thing is that the lifespan of these lights isn't as long as most other brands. These will only last 15,000 hours, which equates to only five years if used for eight hours daily. This will mean that you'll have to replace them fairly often when compared to more durable products like Boundery's 25,000-hour EBulb.

4. PLT 11288 Incandescent Rough Service Bulb

One of the unique things about garage lighting fixtures is that they tend to shake and rattle every time the garage door is opened. This can loosen traditional bulbs, forcing you to have to tighten them yourself. This is where the PLT Rough Service bulb can really shine, as it is built to withstand common jostling in commercial or industrial settings.

Plus, its heavy duty filament can make it durable against power surges or extended usage, which can make it a good option for work areas.

While these features make it great for garages or moving vehicles, it is an incandescent bulb, meaning it is not very energy efficient. It uses a full 60 watts of energy and has a lifetime of only 10,000 hours, so you'll be spending quite a bit on electric bills and replacements.

5. Feit Electric A19 LED Bulb 60 Watt Equivalence

Feit's LED bulbs are energy and cost efficient, ranging in prices much lower than other competitors. This model in particular is 100% mercury-free, making it a safe option if the bulb were to ever break. It also has a cool running performance, so it won't overheat during extended usage.

Not to mention, at 800 lumens, this is a bright light that is perfect for daily tasks. It also turns on at full brightness, so you won't need to wait for it to warm up to full illumination.

But with its low cost comes a short lifespan, as it will only last 11,000 hours. On top of that, its daylight color might not be ideal for areas that require proper color illumination. So if you use your garage to paint, this light might skew your ability to perceive colors properly.

6. GE Refresh 60 Watt LED

Especially in workspaces such as garages or offices, it's important to have adequate lighting that will foster productivity. GE's Refresh bulbs are specifically designed to enhance colors in a room and make spaces feel more active.

These bulbs are also dimmable, so you can adjust the lighting based on your own preferences. It's an all around versatile light that can be used in any room in the house.

However, it can only be used inside of the home. This light cannot be used outdoors, which limits its capabilities. And for garages specifically, you might need to keep the door closed at all times in order to prevent the product from being damaged from the elements. In addition, it's a bit pricier than other bulbs on the market, so it might not pack as much value as its competitors.

The Bottom Line

When browsing for bulbs for your garage, it's important to think about how the lights will look in the space, efficiently use energy, and keep you safe during an emergency. While many options will cover some of these bases, the Boundery EBulb is the only one that can effectively accomplish all of them.

Being the world's first self-charging light bulb, it has the unmatched ability to keep working even after a power failure. So, you won't need to break out the candles or flashlights, giving you peace of mind during situations that are out of your control.

Furthermore, it can provide 25,000 total hours of illumination, which is miles ahead of the competition. This makes it perfect for workspaces where you might have lights on for extended periods, such as garages, offices, kitchens, or living rooms. It's also just as effective as a 60 watt incandescent, but it only uses nine watts of energy, so your electric bill will be smaller than ever.

While all of the options on this light will be great for your garage's ceiling, Boundery's EBulb has qualities that just can't be beaten by most other competitors. 


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