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Bathroom lighting is very important to get right. Lighting is not only important for how well you can see, but also how you feel when you go into a room. A cool light may send you signals to feel clean and airy, while a warm light may make you feel comfortable and at home. In addition to the color of the light, you will also need to choose the perfect lighting fixtures, bulb type, and other lighting accessories to enhance your overall environment. 

This article will guide you in taking a look at the nine best lights for your bathroom to make the lighting design and selection process a little easier. 

Vanity Lighting

Vanity lighting is the obvious choice for a bathroom. Vanity lights are those that go directly above or to the side of the main mirror in the bathroom. This light's purpose is to light up the vanity area of the mirror and sink. Vanity lights are featured in almost every bathroom and is a customary feature of the room. It helps to increase visibility and also add style to the room. 

The light fixture itself can be an accent to the style of the room. With different shapes, sizes, and colors of vanity lights, there are endless possibilities to choose from. 

The one main takeaway is that you need to be able to clearly see yourself in the mirror. No one wants to do their makeup or hair in a bathroom with bad lighting. 

Recessed Lighting

In addition to a vanity light, recessed lighting is another lighting option. Recessed lighting is built into the ceiling to provide additional overhead lighting. 

If you have a large bathroom or a vanity light that is not very bright, a recessed light can be very helpful in brightening up the space. Often, the recessed lights and vanity lights are on different switches so that you can decide how much light you want or need at any given moment. 

Recessed lights brighten up an entire room and look sleek with their flush design. The only downfall to them is that it can be difficult to reach them to change out bulbs if your ceiling is very high. To aid in this con you can choose LED light bulbs so you do not have to change them as frequently.

Time of Day Lights

Time of day lights are lights that only turn on during the dark hours of the day. This feature saves on electricity and money since the lights are only turned on when needed. Since bathrooms tend to have a lot of natural light, time of day lights are a great match for these rooms. During the day time the sun's rays will light the room and at night the bulb will turn on to illuminate the room. 

The Night2Day Light Bulb is a time of day light that works via a light sensor. It is traditionally used for areas like the front porch so that you do not have to remember to turn the outside light on and off. During the day the bulb senses the solar light and once the sun goes down, on comes the light. However, since the bathroom gets a lot of sun it will work in this case as well.  

LED Light Bulbs

LED light bulbs are an energy efficient, long lasting, and versatile light bulb that is perfect for any bathroom. 

A great advantage to LEDs is that they produce very little to no heat. In a small space like a bathroom, any added heat can easily be felt and can make a room uncomfortable. The lack of heat is a plus, especially when there is a hot shower or bath already adding to the heat as well. 

LEDs also last longer than other types of bulbs such as fluorescents or incandescents. This means you will be spending less on the bulb itself and on electricity because it is energy efficient. Overall, LED lights are a great choice in bulbs for the bathroom and really any room in your home.

One of the best LED bulbs you can choose is Boundery's EBULB', which actually stays on during power outages thanks to its self-charging technology. One of the best places to still have light on during an outage is definitely the bathroom! 

Light Bars

Light bars are small bars that can be easily installed to provide light to small or hard to reach places. Light bars are small strips of light that have two pieces. One long magnetic strip adheres to the flat surface with a double sided tape, and the other is the light bar that magnetizes to the magnet bar. These light bars are commonly used in spaces like under the sink cabinets or linen closets. 

Because these places can get very dark but have limited access to electricity, a light bar is ideal for these spaces. Boundery's motion light bar will automatically turn on when motion like the opening of the cabinet is detected. This can make it easier for you to find things in these dark places and make your day just a little bit easier. 

Motion Sensing Bulbs

Surely you have experienced a motion sensing light when going to a restroom in public. You walk into the room without touching a switch and the light just automatically turns on for you. Motion sensing lights are great for locations that have low foot traffic because it prevents you from having to remember to turn the light off when you leave. This saves on electricity and even reduces contamination of surfaces. A light switch is a high touch surface that is rarely cleaned, so especially in the bathroom, reducing the amount of high trafficked surfaces is helpful in reducing possible contact with pathogens. 

The motion sensing bulb from Boundery can detect motion up to 16 feet away and will stay on for 30 seconds after it detects motion. It is an invaluable technology that you can utilize in your home bathroom. 

Natural Lighting

Natural lighting is the least expensive and most reliable lighting source that there is. Natural lighting makes a space feel airy and clean like very few other synthetic light sources can. There are a few ways to maximize natural lighting in your space. 

The first thing is to obviously have as many windows as possible, but being in a private space such as a bathroom can make that difficult. To overcome this challenge you can use a frosted glass to distort the image while still allowing light to come through. 

Another tip is to use light and bright colors in your bathroom. The light colors will reflect the light from wall to wall to improve the lighting of the room. 

Finally, use mirrors and glass. Both of these materials reflect light well and will optimize the natural light. 

Night Lights

Night lights are a must, especially if you have young children or older adults that frequently have to use the bathroom at night. Having adequate light can help to guide your way at night and can also prevent you from falling from tripping. 

Night lights can come in different forms. The classic is a wall plug that is a small bulb that can always be on at night so that it is always ready. Another option is a night light to sit on the counter top. A small bulb lantern can be used to guide the way to the bathroom and can then be carried back to the bedroom if additional light is needed. 

Floor Lighting

Floor or hallway lights are another lighting option for night time. Motion sensing hallway lights can reduce disturbances from turning on an overhead light, but still let you know exactly where you are walking. 

In addition to the hallway or areas right outside of the bathroom, these floor directed lights can be nice inside the bathroom as well. To prevent your eyes from having to adjust to the bright lights, you can rely on the floor lights to give you just enough light to get the job done and get back to sleep


Bathroom lighting can make or break the experience. Depending on what you value most from your bathroom will depend on which lights you choose so keep yourself in mind throughout the entire process. The needs of a family with small children differ from the needs of a young adult couple. Also, do not forget that the lighting should be cohesive with the aesthetic of the room, so imagine them together instead of as two separate entities. 

As always, you can always count on Boundery for your lighting needs, especially when it comes to LED lights of all shapes and sizes!




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