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DIY projects have been an increasingly popular trend over the past decade or so. Not only do you generally save money when doing things yourself, but you also can spend quality time either by yourself or with others working alongside the project. DIY projects can span from simple projects like painting a canvas to bigger projects like building your own furniture pieces. 

Especially if you have kids in the house, DIY projects are fun, entertaining, and hands-on activities. It can be a chance to let them step away from technology to explore concepts and creativity by using different ways of learning. Keeping things hands-on early on in a child's life can help them engage their brains through sense and touch. 

Not only is it beneficial for children -- DIY projects can serve as stress management for you and your spouse as well. Doing something tactile or engaging your brain to learn new things like knitting can help anxiety and tension decrease in times of stress. 

When planning a DIY project with your family, it is helpful to think of ideas that can involve each family member to keep everyone engaged and involved. When the project is finished, everyone involved can benefit from the amount of work and effort put into the project. 

Home Improvement

There are plenty of ways to incorporate DIY projects throughout your home. Without calling your local handyman, there are a variety of projects you and your family can jump in on to make improvements to your home. 

Labor is one of the most significant expenses on top of the material supplied for the handyman. Tackling DIY home improvement projects, especially with your family's help, can help you save a large amount of money as long as you use your time efficiently and effectively.

Outdoor Renovations

Regardless of the size of your backyard or whether you have a deck, porch, or front steps, many different projects can be done to enhance the outdoor environment for you and your family. Give the landscaping a new look by simply adding or replacing things that are ready to retire. 

One DIY project that could be fun for the whole family is creating a pathway to something like a fountain, for example. You could even begin planting flowers and plants to start a garden for the path to lead to. 

To step it up a notch, you can add an outdoor lighting system along the pathway for a more desirable look. Boundery has products such as Lifeproof LED deck lights that can be easily incorporated into your new chic yard or along the steps to your front door. This solar-powered light can illuminate your landscape automatically right when dusk arrives. 

Boundery also has a product for along the deck, steps, and fences to accent light in areas that aren't well seen. The Stair Light by Boundery is solar powered like the deck lights, making it energy efficient to use. Just install it where you want it to light up, and it charges throughout the day and turns on once the sun sets. It is also wireless, making it look simple and decreasing the chances of tripping over wires and cords. 

Indoor Renovations

Like outdoor DIY projects, indoor renovations are as easy and creative as you want them to be. Take a family trip to a local thrift store or marketplace and find some old furniture or accent pieces that you can completely turn around at home. For example, you can probably find an old side table or dresser and completely redo the look by priming and painting colors that match your home's style. You can even try finding different types of handles and knobs at a craft store to try to replace as well. 

Simply finding ways to light up a room can altogether create a brand new sense of design into any given space. For example, instead of finding an electrician to rewire your whole kitchen, consider purchasing wireless lighting to install in areas that need a little glow. The Motion Glo LED Light Bar by Boundery is an easy and affordable way to use anywhere that outlets are not available. Spice up your closet or place these bars underneath cupboards to enhance the look of your kitchen. There are so many different types of ways to renovate your home by doing it yourself.  

Home Decorations

Home decorations are a great way to spice up your house, adding so much dimension and style by just a simple piece of work. But the price of decorations can add up quickly before you even realize it. That is why another great DIY project to do with your family is to gather up some materials at the arts and craft store and make your own. Here are some fun ideas to do with your family:

  • Gather up some canvases and have each member of your family paint a picture. Whether you have two or six in your family, combine each canvas to create a collage of everyone's artwork. 
  • Add light into your rooms! Make a trip to your local thrift store or flea market and find any lampshade you like. Completely turn that old dusty shade into a new and improved lamp shade by using scrapbooking and decorative paper to glue on to the shade's outer surface. If you want to add light to a room without the work, consider the Motion Glo LED Light Bar mentioned earlier for an easy way to brighten up a room!
  • Consider getting the family together to work on a DIY woodwork project. You can construct items such as a bookcase, floating shelves, a cornhole set, a lovely little birdhouse, or even muster up the determination to build a deck! If you choose to do the latter, be sure to consider lighting up the steps with the Stair Light by Boundery. 

Educational DIY Projects for Kids

A way to involve the kids with DIY projects is by letting them create their own masterpiece using concepts that engage their brain. You can help them create their own project, like an abacus, while also teaching them about numbers and colors in the process. You could also consider a DIY project that challenges their coordination by using popsicle sticks to create a large building or tower.

You can involve the whole family by planning a DIY project to construct a sandbox that your child can play in as well. By feeling different textures and seeing different materials and colors, you challenge your child to recognize different feelings and objects as they continue to grow. 


You can get immensely creative from a simple DIY project that can involve your whole family. Depending on the project, you could choose to spend a couple of hours or even a few weeks to finish up a project together. The best part about DIY projects is that everyone can contribute their interests and opinions. Brightening up a room with easy to install products from Boundery or creating beautiful decorations to set up around your house, you and your family can spend quality time together to create a masterpiece. 






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